Not Recieve Shinobilisk

Dear Neo Monster,
Im a fan player of this game. I like this game so much but this morning i reach wins for shinobilisk but i did noy recieve it. I try to refresh my score but nothing happens for my reward. Pls fix this bug Im not angry or disapointed hehehehehe im just want the reward because because events makes my team powerful im not lucky on spin and beside do not have money to buy gems.
Thank you for understanding. Still I LIKE THIS GAME :slight_smile:

The “MUST READ: Contact and Critical Info” is not the appropriate forum section to post in, as you would know had you read the announcements. Please endeavour to find the correct forum section to post in in future, to ensure you get the answer you need :slight_smile: For example, I have now moved this to the Bugs section of the forum.

All I’d say on your issue is give it a day if you haven’t already and if that doesn’t work, hopefully the devs will be able to help you out. You can contact them directly at an appropriate email provided oddly enough in the very forum section you posted in. Most likely is your best option.

Thank you and sorry to my wrong post hehehehe