Not Ranked on the Leaderboards

For some reason I am no longer ranked on the leader boards under collections… Can anyone tell me why that would possible happen?

You gotta run the app , then it’ll pop up . If its force closed your stats wont show .

Hey theres another cat around the parts, :stuck_out_tongue: i guess im not the only one

There is a gamecenter bug were if your collection gets over 100% it wont rank you. It ranks me for a very short time at about 150% and then i look back five minutes later and its gone.

Aww, I’m at 105% lol

Then no rank for you. But feel free to yell at apple for us :3

What you talking about lol? I’m 121% and imm ranked . O.o … But like i said you wont see your rank if the game isnt running .

It’s doesn’t show up for others, yeah it’ll rank you for the time your games running, but as soon as you quit, it deletes it from gc.