Not Balanced!

The new event rank requirements just make the experient players get better and further away than the new ones, totally unbalancing the game… :frowning: This feels unfair…

Why do you think there are 3 different levels for the rank up quest?? One for new players, one for casual players, and one for the top tier players.

Not unfair.

Little skill level is required for all of the rank up quests. The final rank up quest isn’t aimed for “top tier” players or it’ll defeat the purpose of the quest. It’s just aimed at those who have that many tickets available.

Just clearing up any misunderstandings :slight_smile:

I dont mean the rank quest in specific, i mean more like the super materials that is yet not open and has a minimun rank of 45…

The main point of that linitation is that if we started handing out free ingredients to new people then people would get ultra evolved legendaries far before they are supposed to. Making the difficulty curve of the game completely obsolete. By placing that limitation the devs are actually helping you to enjoy the game More, not less.

40 isnt much tickets, you can get there by farming ingredients/completing online story,

This was actually lowered as far as I know. It used to be rank 50. 

No, it was definitely 45. You’re probably thinking 50 because that’s the ticket max at rank 45, hence the reason why you’re unable to do the mission under rank 45.

It’s been said by others here but just to be absolutely clear… the hero rank requirements here are simply because you do not have enough tickets to actually enter the particular challenge. Super youth fruit and Super silver mines both take 40 tickets to enter, which you reach at hero rank 35, then the Rare ingredients takes 50 tickets to enter which you don’t have until hero rank 45.

I hope that helps you see that these aren’t designed to be unfair to newer players. It may seem frustrating while you’re below this hero rank but with 150 levels that you’ll work your way through it’s just one of the first hurdles you have to go past. When your hero rank is low you can’t make teams with strong monsters (5* and 6* monsters) yet anyway so it’s good design for the rare ingredients to be targeted at players who are hero rank 50-100.