No egg?or what?

This is a question everyone is asking ATM,devs gave us 2 SCB and no anniversary egg,new fewtured monsters are in SCB
But still no news about SCB and no egg
We just want a date to when festival egg gonna be available

agree :frowning:

Guys the Anniversary egg appeared for me, i rolled, then it disappeared again!

200 eggs foe one legendary and 1 dupe
And now the egg is gone

it appeared briefly and i opened 6 10 in 1s and got a buckerwing as my 6th opening instead of mojinater or delugazar

How many legends did you get from 6 packs?

You mean 200 gems?

Devs, where’d the anniversary egg go??

well thats better then a lot of people had… I’ve had several times no legends only guaranteed 6th pack. but yeah it hurts, especially when you saved a long time.

My bad,200 gems,sorry

What is so frustrating is that I got the dupe in 3Rd pack for the legendary I got in the 1St one lol
So frustrating I am done playing the game
Too much for me

Where the egg at? Lame -,-

Yeah very odd, it’s disappeared but was there when I logged in. It’s slightly different to previous festivals.

1st = 50%
2nd = 60%
3rd = 100%
4th+ = 60%
6th = guaranteed new legend
Every 6th = guaranteed featured

This new anniversary egg:
1st = 100%
3rd = 100%
6th = guaranteed new legend
9th = 100%
Every 6th = guaranteed featured

So it looks like we only get a guaranteed legendary every 3rd and no bonus on the others except for the first roll which is also guaranteed. IMHO this looks worse because we get fewer legends but I like the guaranteed on first roll and it’s probably a lot more balanced than the 50/60/100 eggs we’ve been having.

I had brilliant luck on my rolls!
1st = The Penguinator
2nd = Delugar (black beast)
3rd = Aegis, Celestion (dupe), Delugar (dupe)

Three incredible legendaries in three rolls. Penguinator and Delugar were my guaranteed rolls lol both anniversary ones :wink: The three legendaries in the third roll had me super excited I’m glad I got Aegis there or else I’d be crying at them being two dupes and a bad one.

Due to the fact 4th-6th eggs are 0%/0%/100% with that 100% giving me a 50:50 chance for a dupe it looks like it’s better for me to call it quits while I’m ahead. I’d love to have Hellfox or Mojinator but probably better to save my gems for another festival.

So from what I’ve heard the egg was up for a short while and has now been taken down again.
Also it seems it has been bugged for a lot of players, taking gems and not giving legendaries, so I would be careful about spinning it if it’s available for you.

Dunno about you guys but I’m happy enough to wait a day for them to fix it

Issue has been resolved, locking.