Next OM suggestion

Mmm guys, I was thinking about that we dont have a strong water arkadion… to counter kami xenowave ahaha… Please release an 11* water ark!

Cryowyrm!!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

Sorry, but i really dont know about his moveset… you guys really like it but i dont understand why ahaha

It’s 12 stars is why.
Do you know how scary kami, cryo, and a stunner would be for a front lineup? Good god

I’m already scared enough by Kami in line up … :S

Same, and cryowyrm has an “army” move that does massive damage. You could also put all water type and probably one shot 2-3 monsters that aren’t tanks.
I think if I saw that id disconnect for once

Cryo kami Mossgolem subsertopz -D

:o  :o  :o  :o

Hate to break it to you guys, but I doubt they will release Cryowyrm without the egg timing being fixed

^probs. hopefully they release Octoneer though

I heard Octoneer have a AoE metal slash ? That’s would be great against crazy summoning teams !


I hope it’s stego or charcalynx because they make this game really fun and there isn’t enough stun teams

Make it a 2fer and offer both as the main prize

I’m kidding, of course.  I hate teams that use this combo