New Story Chapter?

It’s been a hot second since new story/online chapters were introduced. Does anyone know if that is in the works?


I was thinking this the other day. I think the word “soon” is taking the … a little bit @Dev_VKC :sweat_smile:

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As a geometry dash player still waiting for 2.2, this is nothing to me lmao


Evertale wait at least a year to get the new chapter

X2 now tell me u already win DeadLocked?

I have 62% on crimson planet and 87% on sonic wave (yeah I died on the memory cube)

U mean Fingerdash? Or we are talking about different geometry dash? Or u talk about online levels ?

Online levels. I completed all the main levels years ago

What a vice, I only play to de-stress myself although I end up stressing myself more