Online story

Anyone knows when does it end(chapter) and what happens after it does?

6 chapters atm and don’t think anything specific happens just more of the story if you’ve been paying attention to it. Which I haven’t aha spam clicking that skip button

I’ve been following the story and been wondering how much longer it will go on for.

It’s meant to go on longer but yet to see if it ever does

As long as we’re funding the game and there’s a large profit margin there’s no reason to END anything.

im talking about online missions. idk if i got it clear

The online missions are not finished yet neither are the offline the devs have been busy with android release and making new monsters and pvp when that starts to get complete we should be seeing more online and offline story

From memory it’s been awhile the offline ended with are character going to space or something

And the online ended with us getting are son back
And the bad guys have astrahasis
Anyone’s guess on what happens next in pretty sure the devs don’t know yet

Ya got that clear lol.