New Section for Special Ingredients - [Special Ingredient Missions]

Hi everyone!

In order to let players progress and ultra-evolve their Legendary easier and faster, we opened a brand new section Special Ingredient Missions where you can get some unique and special ingredients, such like Crownwalker and Moalith!

The 4 missions will be rotated regularly and they will always be in the Special Ingredient Missions section:)

Have a great day!

Big thanks from a lot of players 

Great news

Thank you for doing this! “Rotated regularly” makes it sound like you’ve not yet decided whether these are going to be monthly repeat missions… or maybe they will repeat at different rates :wink:

Great news​:+1::+1::+1:

Are those counted as points to achivement?

Excellent !!!

Yep got 5 gems from crowns

You’ve made alot of players happy :blush::blush:

Hmm. It’s almost as if the devs have actually been paying attention this whole time.

Check my thread a few weeks back titled “omegamid balancing”, it was confirmed there that something would happen. Though I must admit this is still a pleasant surprise

Does it count even if you come out empty handed?

You need to complete it and get the crown

Oh. Looks like I’ll need to try again.

What is the Elemental Dungeon? I’ve never heard of it.

It sounds like whale’s treasure.

If so, I hope the rewards are similar, since the rewards were great for that event. 

No, I suspect it’s just an ingredient event where it offers the bottles/harps/pixies/lamps/pyramids of each type one at a time for those who need a certain kind. It’s not going to have the full stock of rewards that the regular events do if it’s in the ultra evolve menu.