New RP rule

Just noticed that RP is not decreasing anymore when you lose in PVP until you reach 30k RP… But after 30k RP, is there no more RP save points? Will you continue to losing RP each time you’re defeated?

I would assume so. RP is done so wins give +1000 and losses give -500, on average. So it should be possible to go from 30k to 40k relatively easily for almost everyone. “Rating” is the score for ranked PvP which is the one that goes ±1000 per win/loss so there you need a positive number of wins - losses, but you don’t for RP.

Is this only for this season of PVP? Or is this going to be the way reward points are going to be calculated in the future? I am actually fine with either.

I have gone upto 60k RP - I don’t think there are any more save points.

I reckon it will be for all future PvP seasons until they change it. It’s probably to help less successful players get the limited-time (before ranked) rewards that go up to 35k RP.

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If there are no more RP save points, does this mean you’ll continually lose RP aftr you went past 30k? Like if you are 39k already & you get defeated like so many times, will continually lose RP until you’re down to 30k RP again???


Well s#!t i couldnt even move past 31k… hahahaha

this is great… the devs removed the lowering of RP because they want us to get all rewards but removed it after 30k… they expect us weaklings to win 10 in row with each win improving your chance to face a better opponent??? hahahahahaha… there is no chance for me to even reach 40k… hahaha

You can get 2 legendary potions at 40k. It is supposed to be slightly challenging. I think it is possible to get upto 35k at least for almost everyone.

Yeah… 35k is ok but 40k without a save point?? 40k RP is the only reason why i’m doing pvp since i cant do too many matches because the PVP port is blocked on my connection at home… i need to go outside, find a good connection so that i can play pvp… so this is goodbye to 40k RP then… hahaha

What’s your win rate in PvP? I got to 40k easily with around 45-47 percent. If you lose 4-5 straight matvhes, level of opponents decreases. The win rate has to be less than 35 percent for you to struggle to reach 40k. If you win slighty more than 1/3 rd of all matches, your RP is going to go up. It will just take more time.

You get +1000 RP for a win, -500 RP for a loss. So as long as you have a win rate above 33% then you should get to 40k eventually. The matchmaking system should help most people stay close to 50% win rate, meaning you will gain RP on average.

My winrate is above 50%… each time i get like 2 or 3 wins, im being paired with 5 to 6 top tier guys next with established clans, with gold or rainbow logos… and now that special rule is about to end, there’s no chance to defeat these guys… hahahaha