New ingredients

I was just looking in the Dex and noticed a lot of single 6 star spots. Looks like we will be getting a bunch of new ingredient monsters, meaning the fusion system will be getting a little more interesting.

Look at the “the first ones” topic and look at the picture, it names the rest of the first ones including ziberius, so I think it could be a mix of that and crownmouths and ingredients like it which you need to ultra evolve the first ones, they’ll probably have 1 or maybe 2 special ingredient for the rest of the first ones, there’s 5 new legendaries which is the exact amount that is referenced in the end of chapter six (check pic one, two and three) you can see that there’s 5 6 stars spaces and 2 spaces before each 6 star with 5.5 stars meaning that these would be the first ones I’d say. And the rest of the 6 star spaces would all be ingredients for these monsters or future legendaries :slight_smile: that’s just my theory though

Yeah, from the picture it looks like there are going to be 11 6 star ingredient monsters though and only 4 more first ones.

Yeah seems like it, maybe it’ll be for future Mons, also ziberius already has his special ingredient, although you can’t get it yet