New ingredient

So as a reward for 67 wins in the new event (Survival of the fittest) you get an ingredient monster called Vorabook which is a grass/leaf/plant or what not ingredient, anyone got any ideas what it will be for, I think it might be for getting the starters to legendary form or maybe for the new legendary like what they did for ziberius

For what I read on other topics I believe it is to ultra-evolve Banedragon.

Yeah I need it for banedragon

Ah alright, just curious to see if I need to try and get it, but there’s no need for me to bother now since I don’t have banedragon

I would try to get it regardless as most of the new legendaries might need it

By the way burnsalot doens’t need a vorabook but the usual legendary ingredient and a cryptimid.

Edit I ultra evolve him and he has more health than the sleep legendary.