New Event: Egg Hunt Islands

It could be an idea for a new Event.

Description: It would be a limited time event where you must fight on each of the six islands to obtain a pass to a temple of each element (One per Island)

Mechanic: Like Live PvP, we will need defeat 6 trainers per Island to get the pass to the temple and then fight against the Monsters Temple Guardians (Random elemental team)

Rewards: Some Gems per Island and a random epic or super epic egg per temple (According to the Temple’s element)

Extra: Could be a 7th Island (All element) with a ramdom Legendary egg and Omegamid as rewards (Harder to get, may be with a little buffed Monsters)

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Isn’t this very similar to whales treasure I guess.
U fight some matches then face jack (the earth boss)


Yup, but this time would be against real players not IA :upside_down_face:
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@DMGInterference isn’t this what you already suggested?


Yes please! I need that free legendary


You have a great idea, but I’d love to visit an 8th Island that has all of the awakened mythics hatched by all the cheaters.


My idea was PvE oriented (since there are pre-determined bosses) with randomly generated maps.

Also there is a spooky villain :flushed:


@Dev_VKC @Killerdog

I really don’t know who else to tag that can say something about this

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Great, Thx :blush:

You must be dreaming,wake up.the Devs never do it

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We have always known that our event suggestions will be ignored. Quit ruining the fun

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I would love if they bring out an event in which the last battle will be designed by some older players of the community with the moderation of the team of devs who build those challenges. It will be about introducing them to the newer players.
For example the event will be like an SCB
with 3 levels once in a month and the extreme would be a character of neomonsters and his team would be designed by some of the oldest players .
The girl in that event would describe about the players who designed the team.
Would be fun


Why are they selling gems if we get free leg monsters from event ? Not possible but we would love to have that event.