New dragons

So from what I’ve heard these new dragons are called “misteltoe” and “freezedrake”. Now I hate to be the guy to say this, but, if the rumours are true these names are awful.

I could be wrong but I want to give what I think are the most suitable names for each:

The reindeer dragon, misteltoe, should be renamed to “dasherdrake”. Don’t lie, that sounds awesome

The ice dragon, freezedrake, should be renamed to “abominowurm” (or wyrm, whatever). These names are just dope. So please, if there’s still time, fix this @Dev_BRD @Dev_VKC.


Or “Yuletitan” (yuletide+titan) and “Dravalanche” (dragon + avalanche).

Dracolanche maybe?

To win them as egg by playing trough the Story content would be a good thing to make Game more exiting… that would be a nice suprise instead of rolling every Time a new egg with a new legend incoming…
Thats lame… and only forces you to get gems,gems,gems and Yeah i forgot: gems…

My wish for new story content is to give as some legends we are able to earn by playing like so much Se’s We are able to get with events. There could be legends in special eggs wich you only get by rolling and also some legends you’re only get by playing through new content. C’mon thats Not so difficult and would make game much more fun


Dude really? The in-code names are almost never the actual ones used in-game.

Did you read the part where I said “rumours”. Ie I’m not sure.

I quite like the name Freezedrake. Mistletoe is not the name I’ve heard of, it’s to do with Mistle but with a different ending.

These names don’t quite beat Baublebasher but I think they’re fine.

Rumors based off of hacked content is kinda something frowned upon on forum.

Woah there hacked content😂 it’s nothing new that a few selected players have access to the new monsters name and moveset before anyone else

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Yeah, those players get it through datamining.

Freezdrake is ok. Mistletoe is horrible. I doubt that will be it’s name.

Wyrm and Drake doesn’t need to be in the dragon names.

I would prefer a name like this for freezedrake:

Or just:

Not sure what type of dragon the other one is but shouldn’t be hard to find a good name

How about

Rockhard and Popsicle

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If this were to happen I would make it UNBELIEVABLY hard

From what i can tell, one of them is going to be really good while the other will suck.

Same as

Dragon thunder/ Horse

My bets the water one will be the good one and earth will be the bad one.

Not Bad idea… of course it has to be a Challenge and Not every noob should be able to earn them. If it is hard it makes the price more worth and the content more exiting
I would make it really hard but not the insane Level…


I wouldnt say that, in each case they feature an offensive orientated monster and a support orientated monster. You obviously have a preference for the the offensive monster, that doesnt neccessarily mean the other monsters are trash it just fulfills a different aspect of the game. Atleast thats the way i see it.

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i bet the reverse
that the water one will be the bad one (as you put it)
and the earth one will be the good one

I bet the 3rd option, magmarinus is better than both