Will I be able to transfer my save files to a new device?

I currently am using an iPod 4th Gen. I am going to buy an iPod 6 when it comes out but does that mean I will lose ALL of my game saves?

Can you create a transfer system to swap devices or does HI already have one? Or Can you swap data from HI to Dragon Island from a different device?

Please Help

Well as of right now I’m not even certain the ipod touch 6th gen has even been announced.  All I’ve found is rumored specs and rumored release date.  :/

However there are topics on the forum that discuss file transferring.

Yes, if you get a new device you can transfer your saves and everything. Just make sure you have everything backed up either on iCloud or your computer

Ok because if I couldn’t do that I would be so sad that I wouldn’t start a new game. I will keep that in mind when a new device comes out.

Or both^^

Generally, I have my device backup to iCloud whenever it’s connected to a wireless network (and does so while I’m sleeping, usually). I’ll still, just in case, back it up to my laptop at least twice/month.