Neo monster should be free to download for 2.0

I think its a great event for the game I have some freinds who can’t buy it . dev kvc sayed before it may be available for free for a short time .but its 2.0 but never happened :frowning:

Since your friends cannot even buy the game, what is the benefit for devs to make the game free?

Also the game is only 1€/. I don’t think your friends don’t have 1€/ to spend for a game. I don’t want to be offensive but it’s weird.

Maybe they don’t even have phone, luckily the devs could make some potato phones

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He lives in a country where its hard to get a credit card (only for rich people )

Hmm soo its just for money .you can buy this game for 1$ but be a f2p and don’t buy any gems

Not even paysafe cards (apple giftcards or other stuff)? Those should be everywhere unless your friend lives on the moon

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If you cant afford the dollar to buy the game then youre gonna get blown out. Especially with all these OP AF mons the devs are churning out faster than you can save gems for.

At this point if you dont already have a nice stable of Legends its spend or be left in anonymity.

Your logic is like asking Apple to make iPhone free since there is no local Apple Store in your city.


If you’re desperate to get your friends on the game you could always try linking your card to their phone so they can purchase it with your $1 then they delete the card from their account. Not sure if that flies with the banks but it could work.

Edit: Of course you need to fully trust them to give them your card details. Maybe just do it with a new account that has like $10 in

or if you are playing on android, share them your app through shareit. its legit and works. beside devs don’t ban people from playing if they get the app for free. what I did was I played it free for some time and during that time I used google opinion rewards to get some credit ( $1.00) from which I then bought the game. maybe your friend could do that