need some help please :)

Hey guys , so I have been playing for awhile and I keep hacking away at multiplayer and infinity dungeon and my team isn’t cutting it in the infinity dungeon (multiplayer i play on expert league and win like 1/3) my over all team (not multiplayer) is the one I need fixed - it is as follows

Omegawyrm - b - 99
Arkwing - s -99
Angelon - d - 99
Flamogun - a - 71
Nilomoth - a - 85
Barricadus- s - 99
Fireheart - b - 80
Pyroviper - b - 80
Raijin - .b - 99
Luxknight - b - 99
Shadowlance - e-77
Mechadino -a- 80
Flamogun a -71
Nilox - c - 85
Mechadino - c - 71
Stegospike -a - 80

I made sure every guy is atleast 70

Too lazy to keep adding but it continues like that with two more barricadus and plasmarex chopper bug two dreadwolfs and then two sanctolambs for sacrificing
Please help I keep getting screwed and Idk why ( I have a crap ton of other guys in my other thing for changing )
I don’t mean hacking like hacking I ment like chipping away / working at
Also shadowstalker and minespider in lineup

try training first :stuck_out_tongue: get them all to 99

If you are patient enough, trying getting one more Omegawyrm.

Use Omegawyrm + Omegawyrm + Metallos. AOE *2 (Omegawyrm) and then Escape (Metallos). Rinse and repeat. You should be able to kill everything before they touch you.

Is there better stuff to train against … I hate those stupid fish

The Metallodius exploit will be patched, apparently. So yeah…do NOT do that. n.n

I recommend training against the biteschools. They are the best source of exp…other than the infinite dungeon. Lol.

When Lavagant, Hydrablazer, and Frillzeon come out, you should use those in conjunction with a fire ocarina. That’ll help you plow through with only 3 monsters…bring some healers too. Other than that, use metal slashes and some holys for the bosses.

Do the different orcarainas do things ? I just buy the most expensive one …
And I hate the biteschools

Certain ocarinas have special abilities. They boost the power of arkadion of the corresponding element. However, it decreases the stats of other types.

So…light ocarinas boost the power of holy monsters and decreases that of shadow monsters.

Fire ocarinas boost the power of fire monsters, and decreases that of earth, wind, and air.

But only certain ocarinas have special abilities. If they do, they have a + sign next to em. Click em to read the ability. :smiley:

Does it go into PvP ??
And what would you recommend

No, ocarinas do not affect PvP stats.

And it depends, really. I use a fire team, so I go for the ignis ocarina. It all depends on the majority-element in your team. If you have mostly holy monsters, go for a holy ocarina. After some OM are released, I’d imagine that water and fire will be the most popular…

I can’t find the holy one,…? I checked like everywhere