Need some advice on my pvp deck

So atm this is my line up i avg 7/10 wins with it


Ummm…I assume that you mean Leviathan when you say Levi? Because using Levi in PvP…that’s not a good idea n.n

Anyways, it’s looking good right now. However, I strongly recommend that you alter the placement of your monsters. Pyroviper is in possession of an Ally move, which means that its power can be boosted considerably.

Also, I recommend placing Magmawyrm near the end, due to the fact that it possesses Vengeance, which is an absolutely fantastic move. Throw is…meh. Eruption is decent, and beast bane is situational. 

Angelon should also exist near the end, due to the fact that it can support and sacrifice itself if need be.

Therefore, I suggest the following as the ending:






Don Penguini

The reason for this is because Don Penguini will almost always fail without the necessary support. The opponents you face have thinking capabilities as well, and they’ll target Don first. Sure, it has a Death Revenge ability, but that won’t win you the match if you’re behind.

The purpose of the ending is to get some heavy damage in with your fire arks, and use Halopard as support. You see, it may be less than 8 stars, but it is sooo great. It has haste, reinforcement, and offering. Fantastic supporting ark. If one of the heavy hitters happens to be defeated, you have Anubis…yep, that means that it’s time for yet another ally move. Plus, it can use Guardian to move the hits away from Don Penguini. It can also sacrifice itself along with angelon to let you use Showdown.

Also, you’re going to want to provide support to Plasmorex. It’s absolutely essential. Otherwise, it will probably die very easily. I almost always OHKO Plasmorex. Two hits max. 

Regardless, you’re probably going to have trouble in the higher leagues. Invest in getting an Omegawyrm as soon as possible, along with the other strong fusions. Once you do that, feel free to PM me or post in one of my help threads and I’ll gladly make a better team for you.

Good luck with everything. n.n

Thanks mate. Going to change it to that set up now. And yeah i meant leviathan. Lol. Been farming for last two hatchlings for ages now so hopefully they turn up soon.

No problem. And good luck with the last two hatchlings!

Listen to tiberius he is a real strategist haha and good luck with the Hatchlings

Oh, I wouldn’t say that. n.n

Anyways, if something seems to be off or doesn’t seem to work…or if you just want more advice in general, feel free to PM me. I always reply to every message I get asking for PvP help :wink:

 I agree… he just a modest individual whome knows what he’s talking about, and a nice fellow to boot!