Need PVP help badly! Stuck between Expert and Master League

I thoroughly enjoyed the Single player game, have my omega wyrm and evolved starter combos and 3 Online Monsters etc… But I am completely stuck between leagues!!

I immediately win 3 bouts in Expert, and than immediately lost 3 bouts in Master. I need advice to advance further!

I would really appreciate the help of someone experienced in PVP…!!!

Here is my lineup:

Raptorex (S)

Arkwing (S)

Mossgolem (S)

Shadowstalker (S)

Barricadus (A)

Angelon (B)

Omegawyrm (A)

Nilomoth (B)

Magmawyrm (E)

Luxknight (B)

Shadowlance (A)

Subzeratops ©

Dreadwolf (A)

Don Peguini (S of course…)

Megalorex (S)

I have many other 8+ star monsters as well such as the remaining wyrms (of course), Plasmarex (A), Leviathan (A), Pyrovyper (A), Georex (D), Vulcaraptor (A), Anubis (S), Puffoxin (B), Twigster Fireheart Voltiger and Stegotops (all B).

Is my lineup out of wack? Or perhaps the wrong monsters?

Or am I simply not strong enough for the next league. Any advice would be awesome!!!

ESPECIALLY from one of you basass PVPers that kicks my ass in Master League :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,


Does the megalorex need to go? I think he can be a useful last ditch, and I am very much against TOO established of stratgegies (i.e. no stunlocking cheapo bulls***), I like to play fair and unique.

Megalorex should definitely go, unless they choose to implement a monster that lets you control Berserks. You’d be better off supporting Don Penguini and Showdowning your way through everything…although I really do like the way you think. But again, that’s just my opinion. You can keep it if you want. But imagine getting scrambled and then your Megalorex eating through your entire team…yuck…but I suppose it would work for now.

You have three tanks next to each other. Mossgolem, Shadowstalker, and Barricadus. Get rid of one…preferably barri…move him later on. Move Subzeratops a bit further away from Dreadwolf. Maybe before Shadowlance?

Take your foot and boot Raptorex all the way to next year. Replace it with Typhonwyrm, it’s better.

Get yourself a Halopard please. It’s a fantastic supporting ark. Placing it next to an Omegawyrm or Magmawyrm…man, it’s awesome.

Oh, and move one of the Vengeance users, such as Omegawyrm, further down.

Feel free to take a look at some strategies and take certain aspects from each. There are many adjustments that can be made to all of em to suit your own style.

Thanks Tiberius, helpful as always. I just read a post you made: didn’t know vengeance still worked despite the display error (i feel like an idiot!)

Thanks, I’ll post here again with something new!

Tiberius you the man! Hope you aren’t still getting shit for learning how to spin the wheel.

My pleasure. :slight_smile:

And no worries, a lot of us thought that as well. It’s understandable. Hopefully the bug will be fixed in the update.

Sound good! And I’m not, thank you. Appreciate the concern very much. However, please watch the language. I wouldn’t like to see ya getting in trouble in the future, so refrain from censorable words and the likes of it. :wink:

I shall await your post then n.n

What about a Monster with Dracobane? That’s why raptor was there

Dracobane from Raptor isn’t as important as it can easily die from 1-2 hits in master & can’t OHKO any of the 9+ star dragons.

While Typhon has vengeance which is very good to be put at the back.

In Master Leagues, the only PVP viable Arks with Dracobane are Vegitiger and Destructor. Others like Raptor are too fragile.

In my opinion, 1300 is the average line for defence and resist. 1200 is below average but OK. Below that is generally not acceptable except for special Arks like Gremknight.