Need help with PVP lineup :)

Hi guys,

First time poster but long time player. I’ve started PVP just a few days ago and I’ve been having trouble with master league I’ll win 1 of 4 matches.

My team in order:

  1. Arkwing /S


  1. Metallodius /C


  1. Chopperbug /A


  1. Plasmorex /A


  1. Gremknight /S


  1. Vegitiger /C


  1. Luxknight /S


  1. Nilomoth /A


  1. Magmawyrm /B


  1. Frillzeon /A


  1. Halopard /A


  1. Omegawyrm /S


  1. Raioh /C


  1. Angeleon /A


  1. Don Penguini /S



Any advice would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Do look at the pvp section of this forum, there’s a lot of strategy advice & tips for pvp there.

I won’t tell you the 15 arks that you should be taking, best way is for you to play around with them & see which one works the best.

I wouldn’t take frillzeon unless I have 3 fire arks together. Do you have goldenhorn? It’s a great ark, it has guardian & last will, great to put together with frilzl & magma.

In master, I doubt anyone doesn’t know about the raioh angelon DP combo, about its showdown, I dare to say that you will be lucky if you could use it 1 out of 10 matches. If I am right with this one, I would suggest you to not even bother taking DP, bring typhonwyrm, move your wyrms even more to the back, put halopard in between 2 of them & raioh in between the other 2 of them.

What OM & other egg exclusives do you have?

What have been your main challenges in master league?