Need help with Trainers dojo


Guys can anyone teach me how to pass this stage at trainers dojo?? The quest name is Desperate Strike… Tq



Skip until he hits aegis with last stand to Hold Ground, then use desperate bite with aegis. Its your best attack move in there and it will heal you.

Haniwell is there to HP share if needed to save aegis from death (do not attack with him unless Don Penguini is on Hold Ground - just skips and hp share if aegis is on Hold Ground).

Geocreo - not sure whats his moveset. I think he got accalarate team - use it. Overall you can win this fight without using him at all.

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Thank you very much bro… Much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Can I ask for another help?? I can’t finish the online section IX(Shock and awe ) because the team they provide is weak against enemy…any idea?? Thanks in advance.



No donthala… Team they provide is a team designed to beat enemy always. There must be some trick. Try to figure it out… That’s the fun after all…

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You’re right Professor Oak… I managed to finish it just now… Thanks though :slight_smile:

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