Need help on team building PVE/PVP

I’m new to this game. I need help on team building. Please help me. Any suggestion would do. Thanks.

My advice would be get some more monsters before you dive too far into PvP. Even more Super Epics will help you a lot.

Use Yetiking/ Yetikong in slot one, with an auto protector, Gallio and the mythic scorpion.

The idea is to allow OoO to charge Gallio and the scorpion stays awake anyway.

Run the dark epic protector next.

Then Nox

Then the dark frog. (On the last but one screenshot).

Dreadgar next.

The idea is to maximise your key mons. They are Gallio and Nox. Use double survivor and link bloodthirst for as long as you can. Evolve Nox and the frog. :blush:

Good luck