Need help on Biweekly Mission 10/15/2018

Can someone post a video on how to fight all the white column because ive been spending days and havent gotten past the 1st fight. any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I can’t make a video however I can’t give general advice. Usually a lot of the teams which are premade rely on revive and monsters by using Atrahasis or auro dragon. Focus on keeping those alive at all costs. My other piece of advice would be to try and control the field. For example if the opponent has a monster which is not causing you too much trouble, leave it on the field and don’t kill it. That way you can keep the number of monsters who cause trouble at a minimum. The teams are usually set up to work in a specific way trying to figure that out.

I’m sorry my reply isn’t what you originally wanted, but as no one replied I thought I would try to help where I can. Good luck