My luck...

So devs any odds of me getting my 5 rare gems back? I do lvl 14 of hoardes to get the se (totem) and as a result I level up too. So with my 5 rare gems from lvl 153 I open a rare egg and I’m greeted by well
So can I get my 5 rare gems back :sweat_smile:. This is just the mother of all bad luck and I blame you for making a se you knew was available in the rare egg.

I want my rare gems back too from all dupes I hatched so that’s about 10 eggs so 50 rare gems. Plsplspls devs booohoooooo


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Yea but I got the featured se. Such pain

Yeah i want my 5262 rare gems… … … … .

Getting the featured SE with gems won because of the same action that got you the SE is super $#**ty tho. I mean thats gotta be the worsr luck ever.

Last christmas I rolled a pack and hatched terror, then got my 5th rare gem and hatched him from rare too. We’ve all Been there.

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