Most frustrating team comp?

I was just wondering what people think are the most frustrating team comps to play against. For me, the top contender is probably timestriker comp. I barely have any stun resisters so they are a pain to deal with as I am almost never allowed to attack. Kill one, stun revenge, and the next one has stun entrance.

After that it is probably protector comps. A team with a few heavy hitters and a bunch of protectors makes my life difficult.

What are your most hated comps?

A duskrider with life flip self and a team turner and a stun absorber is so tough. He desperate all and you can’t do shit but lose your first 4 monsters basically and you can’t stun him because of a stun absorber… And then team turn and bloodcrave with zephy or alphagear. The only hope to save yourself from mass destruction is poisoning the mother…

agree with the stun entrance stun revenge . It gets extra horrid when they use stun entrance > step back followed by stun entrance > step back stun entrance.

Just killing lol

Assisted thunder

Godfeather wrecks you.

Then velocirex wrecks you.

Then zephy lets them wreck you again.

Want to Buy a ground type team turner :open_mouth:

That would boost the assisted ground teams so much oh. Really what I need…

Just give me an assisted shadow monster and I’ll be happy

Yeah it’s kinda weird how some sets have every attribute and some just got skipped. Like there’s no thunder throwing timestriker but two fire ones? Two stun immune holy give turners…no fire stun flasher. Etc etc