More Ocarinos from PvE?

I’ve been hatching a lot of new monsters during the last few months, which I’m grateful of, but unfortunately it has brought a few problems with it. Namely a severe lack of Ocarinos for a while now.

When going through the reward lists of the current PvP I noticed that at this time 3 Ocarinos can be obtained from this single PvP event. However, I feel like us PvE enjoyers don’t get nearly as many opportunities to earn them. Has more than one Ocarino been rewarded in the PvE events during the past month? I don’t believe so.

I don’t want to be forced to play PvP to fully enjoy my monsters in PvE events. Therefore I wanted to ask whether it would be feasible to add more Ocarinos to PvE event rewards? I think 2/month would be more fair.



For me the ocarinos are easy to come by, i currently have over 50 and its been growing ever since, but for new players and people who dont have that much, I reckon they could add some more, but I think in Shadow tower you get one on the 8th floor, also on dungeon challenge floor B76, these are two monthly along the 3 from pvp thats 5 monthly, plus the devs sometimes give away a few, i rmr one year anni they gave away 6 i think, i think the amount they give monthly is reasonable

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They won’t give more since they offer them as a package deal with other material on special events with gems.

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It would be fine if we got two/month consistently. The problem is that these events do not happen monthly on average.

If one PvP season runs for a month (correct me if I’m wrong) two Ocarinos are guaranteed monthly, sometimes even three with the special reward. Seems rather unfair, why should unlocking secret skills be more available for PvP players?

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You know what?! This gets on my nerves. My biggest gripe.

Once players hit a certain level it should be effortless for them to get ingredients, silver and training points.

It’s just a waste of time. It’s not challenge, it’s not fun, it’s incredibly boring and it just drags out being able to use your shiny new monsters.

I say don’t stop at Ocarino. Throw ingredients at the experienced players. I don’t really see what the game gets from them farming at that point.

It’s a wild thought but hear me out.
Rank 200 should = free ingredients silver and training points forever


should be 100 onwards 150 training points, range 150 onwards 200 training points, rank 200 onwards training 300 silver and unlimited fruits

I wish we could have a system like this. Maybe from HR 250 onwards? :smirk:

checks current hero rank

That’s a bit high. How about HR 245 onwards?


I feel like I run out of

Training Points
Mythic Nectars

We should get more of these @Dev_VKC

Especially in high-ticket events that you have to be higher rank to play anyway, such as Bond Quest and Hell Mode story


Still high. I think 200 is good. Maybe even 180


Training capped at 99 is most irritating. 180 is good. I will reach there in a week or two.


There should be a shrine for obtaining silvers too… offering fixed at 210000 were we get between 4 and 600000…and instead of selling fruits to get silver we should be able to buy fruits with silver…


Pve rewards are sevealy lacking. Earlier I used to do them for gems, but now due to fortune shrine its gem reward don’t seem worth it.

Even with less reward one can enjoy pve battles. But in most of the event (like balnceon trial) you have to go through lot of underwhelming battles with worthless reward to get some quality battles. These events which don’t have skip level option(unlike whale island and dungeon) really feels like grind without any good rewards.

So either they should increase pve rewards throughout all levels of events or make it less hectic to reach later stages for those who already have good enough team.


No Ocarino… My pain is ruined and my day is immeasurable.

Jokes aside @Dev_VKC when can I get some Ocarinos as a PvE player??? I want to unlock some secret skills! Balancion has no Ocarino, Okkult had no Ocarino…


Ah seems I was using an obsolete rewards list, my bad bro

Yeah @Dev_VKC pve rewards needs an update

I’m going to keep logging Ocarinos here. After a 5-week drought, we have now got 2 Ocarinos in the space of one week from UC and GoH.


2 more from Whales. Gotta say this is more like it! Hopefully it will even out to 2-3 a month in the long run because 5-week droughts suck.