Monsters/arks listed by type?

Is there anywhere I can go to find all the monsters listed by type?  I’d like to find the top 15 or so arks from each category.  

No, sadly not but the stars should be very clear as to what you’re looking for

by type ur referring to element or beast/humanoid/metal thing?

This might help

Oh, taj beat me to it. Yep, tis a list of every single arkadion. Organized alphabetically, by type.

If you mean element…well, I suppose I could do that too. Later, though. Way too tired.

I am looking for element. Fire, wind, water…etc.

Alright, I can do that later.

But…I can do some for now?

Fire - Lavagant, Hydrablazer, Magmawyrm, Frillzeon, Infernowyrm, Minoblast.

Water - Cruiserfish, Octoneer, Kamiwyrm, Cryowyrm

Wind - Cyberwyrm, Vortexor, Triphoon, Typhonwyrm

Holy - Guardiron, Angelon, Pegasion, Ironheart, Shadowstalker

Shadow - Destructor, Roidguard, Gearwolf

Earth - Vegitiger, Mossgolem, Scorpionix, Golgemios, Jumboid

Elementless - Omegawyrm, Arkwing, Minespider.