Monster design

Personally I think neo monsters monster design are much better than Pokémon.

What do you think?

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The design of the monster is better in neo - but pokemon is the top 1 because everything what comes after pokemon based on the art of pokemon .

The art of evolution of a monster the power of moves what is changed if the monster get stronger all this is based on pokemon .

Without pokemon neomonsters never would create .

In that point we have to thank the pokemon designer if we are happy today with neomonsters .


Neo Monsters’ monster design has gotten so much better as time went on. Since the game is 2D and monsters only have one animation, they can focus on making the characters as refined and detailed as possible.

Also, pokémon are overall more cutesy because the games put a lot of emphasis on the fact that the creatures are your friends. In Neo Monsters, the average “power level” seems to be definitely higher and the monsters are regarded more as badass warriors which follow your leadership.

What I definitely appreciate more in Pokémon, though, is the fact every move has its own animation.


I think both games have awesome monster artwork.

Of course there are design desasters in both of the games, but as far as I can see, even that’s a personal opinion.

well pokemon is the ancestor so neo is the new gen since it has waifus and poke mo dont have

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Counterpoint: mommy Cynthia :hot_face:


Neo Monsters can never compare to the absolute majesty of Volcarona

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You are crazy op

Like us,Karen