Mission will start at 6PM EST due to Daylight Saving

Just realized! Due to daylight saving starting in the US, this week’s event will be at 6 PM EST if you are in the US, not 5PM. Sorry for the confusion!

It’s fine :wink: I’m in the us, so I understand.

thanks for the heads-up. 6pm is actually a better time for me! :slight_smile:

completely forgot about it until now! sorry!

Thanks this is really convenient for me as it’s 7am I don’t think my parents would be happy with me waking up every Sunday at 5:30am
Anyway I’m from singapore (GMT +8)

Is it still 10pm GMT?


Small bug, but when you attempt to go UP the stairs in the dungeon, the game crashes. Tried it three times.

Also, I fought all the bosses, but I’m missing one of the Golrocks…

(I only received 3)

there were bonuses on 1, 3, 9, 18, and 24. Check each of those levels again.

I know where they are. I said that I fought all the bosses, and I did not receive the fourth.

Okay, well, I went back through for kicks, checked my inventory after coming out, and it magically appeared (no, it definitely wasn’t there before). Cool.