Missing Epic Potions (UC Reward)

I already received my reward from the UC. I can’t recall my exact rank but if im not mistaken 1000~1400.

Received 7 items on Reward

  1. 4 Gems
  2. Lavacub
  3. Lavacub
  4. Lavacub
  5. Lavacub
  6. 2 Super De-Aging
  7. 4 Epic Bonus Potions
    But when I check the potions it’s only 1?
    Can someone verify the rewards for 1000-1400?

Me too lost 3 super epic portions when i used it on mons or on when claim
Please restore this problem

Please send your friend code and your report to neomonsupport.gameplay@zigzagame.net
We’ve split the main support email (shopsuppoert@zigzagame.net) into multiple specific addresses in order to organise and speed up the process, so it should be looked into pretty quickly.
Good luck!

Thank you sir, already send a report.