Missing Anubis

I have completed the arena see photo. I collected Anubis but he is not in my collection. I have attached another photo of all my arks and sorted by alphabet so you can see he is not there. What can I do?

I hear alot of missing arkadions but I never missed one after claiming one

The prize for beating the arena should be Nubis, the first stage of Anubis.

So yeah…check under N.

You are quite right but still not there. Again have attached to prove. To be honest not too fussed about not having him (apart from the completionist in me) but did want to report it as a possible bug.

What the…?

Puzzling. Well, I’m sorry to hear that (though it’s not that great…).

And thanks for posting it! It’s another step towards making the game better~

Right now I’m going for a rank in colosseum but just noticed the gryphon never showed up in my game from rank c I think. Maybe I forgot to claim it I’m not sure but is there any way to catch one later I game or is that the only way to get

Okay so… I also experienced the same thing. Talked to Ryan, the dev already. This is one of the known bugs which hopefully will be fixed in the next update.

So what happened is your game only autosaves when you enter town so maybe after claiming nubis, you exit the app straight away, example: my case I went on pvp swap and dc-ed on my opponent, ie I never went back to town. So that’s why I never got the Nubis that I claimed.