Deucalion not available

Hi all

Finished the game yesterday and I didn’t notice anything until I tried summoning the First Ones during battles. I have Tiamat and all the others but I don’t seem to have Deucalion. Wondering if anyone else has the same problem? Should I go into the Tower again and all?


I dont know never heard of this one.
Try to go in the tower again yeah

Did you get him when you went back? I have the same problem.

Also have the same pb. I did again all the tower (both deucalion and ark) but I never met him again. Do someone have a solution for that?

Y’all mind screenshotting the menu for the first ones during a battle and uploading it up to here?

Here is the menu with all first ones but Deucalion

That is strange.

I’m moving this to the bugs section and I’ll notify the Devs and have them add it to their list

that isn’t right

Hi all,

I also have the same problem…i don’t know why…


I have the same problem too. Tiamat but no Deucalion …

I remember there was another topic but when i read around it n all no one has found a cure for this bug im teribbly sorry but u wont have deucalions power T_T