Misc Story Suggestions!

Hey all! For those who don’t know, my name is Mike, and I’m one of the developers in charge of story content. I had been taking a break to work on other sides of Neo Mon but now I’m back in the saddle for story content. We’re planning some new arcs and mini-stories for side events, and I wanted to engage with the community more for feedback, suggestions, and other angles.

One thing I’ve been working on are smaller side-stories for new events (Post Game 3 is coming, rest assured) and I was wondering what people wanted to see more of.

Do you guys like comedy bits? Do you prefer dramatic tones? Are there any characters you want to see more of? Characters you despise? Anything you wanted to mention? Hit me! (Not too hard, though.)


Some of you guys’ plot twists are great.Comedy is also well appreciated but not too much.Im of the impression that a lot of people just skip through everything sadly.

I was really into the controversy around hectors death,and all the drama surrounding the throne, when I was still playing that part.

So I don’t think I’d be entirely opposed when I say more of hector finnegan would be nice :wink:

Maybe a flashback kinda thing where we play as hector and discover the throne controversy and How he fakes his death

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Show more of Court Hector

Hector related because … Wait he is alive??? And… Court of hearts and when you say story arc 3 you mean the online story chapter 9 or finally queen karona???

It’s presumed the mysterious Cowboy who visits ur ranch is hector

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I’m not a great story writer so I can’t help much but…

More Hector Finnegan would be great. There are so many unanswered questions revolving around him like what exactly happened those years ago, where has he been all this time and what’s his plan as he watches you from the sidelines. Everyone in the Finnegan family (past and future as we meet in the online story too) are righteous and never step away from danger so why does Hector seem so passive? He reminds me of an old Obi-Wan. Also, didn’t he have a lover in a high family which he had to abandon?

A few characters I’m not interested in at all are the grand four and a couple of the sub characters (that I can’t think of right now - but aren’t the villains). Their characters are just a bit flat and don’t match up to the others while at least the villains bring a bit of comedy. Torus in particular, his joke is super old now. I wouldn’t mind if the next time they call on the grand four for help they make a group decision to leave Torus out of it :wink:

In terms of comedy I think the balance so far has been about right. A laugh every now and then is great but when we’re talking about a space laser that destroys planets it’s time to put your serious cap on. Although I definitely would’ve laughed if it was called the dragon’s sneeze.

Sadly, most people just skip straight through the story but I appreciate it. You’ve done a great job so far and I’m sure you’ll keep it up. It was weird for me playing through the Neo Monsters online story at a similar time to Horizon Zero Dawn which both have worlds in which intelligent robots were created to help us control the planet but a mistake made them go rogue and ended up them being controlled by an all-evil hive mind of sorts. Horizon’s story was one of the best I’ve ever seen in a game so when Neo Monsters was the same it put a smile on my face.


How do you write long threads… Also we just need queen karona nothing else (except for Nebel Cosmo cryo and sanct buff) and story is good I definitely read it. Also can the other first ones have a role in the main story like atrasis because I remember atrashis mentioning that if he is defeated the other first ones will awaken and destroy the entire civilisation… That being said an first one origin story and story of how humanity ruined delugazaar home world etc.

Is this too much???

P.s: if you want humour,call the black sun. That dolpheonix bit was really good so I am up for some NEBELRONIX


Can I get a shirt with sleeves for my character? He’s freezing his nips off


From what I gathered, the dolphoneix story part was well received in the easter special. Where Black sun or whatever his name was described it as a being of water yet of the fire element. I found that self conflicting argument of his quite amusing.

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I personally would like to see more about what makes legends legendary. I liked the sanctistag story because it explained exactly why it was legendary.

While court of hearts was cool, it felt like it only showed off a few legendaries, rather than explaining their backstory. Soo. . . I would say more legendary backstories.

Also, hello again mike, nice to see you again around here.

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I missed the beginning part, the middle part and end part of all stories of neo. Why is stag a legendary?

Yes! Legendary backstories is great and there’s so much which could be done there.

Also, like Whitehorn said about going deeper into the lore of the first ones, creation of worlds and humanity post-Delugazar creation.

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Wait there is a sanctistag back story… Is it called "the vain sanctistag " captured by lochi and subjected to backstabs

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Don’t talk trash on @ILAGaLOT aka “Keeperdragon”

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Legends origings sounds nice stories

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I agree with the legend backstories, I love when the monsters are included and given somewhat of a human dynamic. Also, when do we get to take the girl who always flirts with us home?.. :smiling_imp:

I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking this! She’s blushed in front of me so many times why hasn’t either of us said something more already!!

For real! Let’s get to making some grandbabies for hector already. They can be the main characters in the next game.

SFW, the game is played by kids.

He’s called eric.

What if you’re playing as the girl? Would be difficult to make them…