Story Mode.

I would love to see the story mode added onto, its been a really long time since a new chapter has been released. While i do enjoy the online stories that is created they are rather shortlived. It would be greatly apreciated if you guys slowed down on releasing new monsters and focused more on the story aspect. Neo has been vastly improved gameplay wise this past year and im sure there is more improvements on the way but the lack of new events and story makes the game lackluster. Pvp has been great in keeping us occupied but would be nice to focus on game lore once in while. Im sure you guys are already working on something, a little teaser for anything story related incoming would be awesome if theres any. It would help in keeping players invested into the game and draw attention away from all the negativity that has been happening lately. I would hate to see Neo die out as its still one of the better games out there for mobiles in my opinion and i have alot of faith in the dev team as you guys always deliver what we ask for (Within reason most of the time). You guys have done some great work this past year ( That has unfortunately been overshadowed by other questionable things), i hope you guys continue showing your passion for the game and contine to make it better. Just my opinion hope you guys take it onboard.

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD

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