i was fighting in the Deucalion tower and i saw this arkadion, is there any way to get it?

If you mean metallo/metallodious, it’s in Azid Ziggurat.

If you mean barricadus, it’s fused by metallo + blockadus.

If you mean metalhead… no. 

 This ( list has all obtainable arkadions that can only be received through eggs. That means they are not catchable in game yet.

I also checked my beta-list of arkadions and didn’t find metalhead, so, I’m sorry about that.

Sorry! I misspelled, it was Metalheart,looks like an

Iron bull


Yeah, unfortunately it’s unavailable.

A team of awesome users have made this list:

Maybe it’ll come in handy next time. ^^ that’s where I found out about metalheart haha