Lv 99 s ?

So I have a lv90gear wolf and bought the mortam pryan from the desert, I got to crescent island and brought lv up pots to get it to lv 99, after that , the mortam pryan (boosts shadow satas by 25%) stoped working, it would show 2602 health, but as soon it takes even 1 damage, it would subtract the damage from 2082, ex I have 2602 health, I take 1 damage, my health would be at 2081, is this a glitch ? If not please explain to me

Certainly sounds like one. I can’t say I’m familiar with it though :frowning:

I think this is indeed a bug but i never encountered this one

I found this bug too when I used my Fire Boost +40% on my Frillzeons. Let’s hope the developers see this thread.

Yeah i heard there were some bugs with ocs so bummer but hopefully it will be fixed

Yep, it’s a well known bug.