lurker gone pro

hi everyone. just wanted to stop in an say hello. i am grateful  to use this plae as a resourcd when i play. thanks for all the hard work in finding the rare ones an sharing the info.  i was fighting cancer and the game and forum helped me forget about what was going on. now i am in remission and still finding myself playing a lot. i even got myself the rare S Haniwel in the weekly challenge!Thanks for the good times . Murdock Devil

Welcome to the forums! I think ur one of many lurkers

Welcome mate!

Welcome to the forum MurdockDevil! We are just as grateful. Congratulations for getting Haniwel, and I hope you continue to enjoy your stay. ^^

Hope you’re enjoying yourself and keep on fighting :slight_smile:

Hi Murdock! Welcome to the family! Great to have you n.n

Keep fightin on, and just remember that we are here for ya to assist you with anything that you need n.n

I used to be a former lurker myself :slight_smile: Welcome to the forums and we hope to see you around!

I’m really glad to hear that you’re in remission and my heart goes out to you. If you ever need to unwind and converse/ play with some friendly people we’ll be here!

Welcome to the community!