Luckiest Ever Account????

So ive been playing for around 7 months now lol and I constantly read forum. I have to admit, the 2nd account which I own is absolutely insane. Ill leave the picture down below so you can see, it’s tricking amazing lmao.
I should also add that 0 Money was spent on this account and that tiamof was got in the first egg lololol.
For a no money account, it’s awesome.
Also, this is level 16 account, my main is 72 and I can defo say this completely beats my main account xD
Feel free to share your lucky accounts too!!

Not me this dude or girl has the luckiest account, his/her name is BlackieIX his mons are on he rate/built team topic

Well,that(BlackielX,Yeah I check it out😅) certainly is an account of player who spends money.So far I have got 3 legends without spending anything-Flarevern,Taloknight and
Also got PENGUINI and some great super epic monster on my alt account.

got 3 Legendaries on rolls w/o spending money


I got stormloch, shadowyrm, dragaia, bahamuzar, kamiwyrm and cybereon. Spend some money on this game (by some i mean 200 dollars)

I have five legendary (god tiamazus omegawrym mechaviatan and rexotyran) no spend money

I might challenge you as luckiest account ^^

I started a new account yesterday, after i had such a bad luck with the rare egg…(long story…) and my crappy monsters. First account was lvl 44, only 4 superepics and no legendary.

With the new account i got shadowyrm in the tutorial egg. Damn i was so happy. In my second egg i got a super epic (megazeratops). I’m fine with that. But then i opened my third egg and what did i get? Mechaviathan!! My second legendary… ***… :smiley:

My team after 30 minutes in the game: 

Not that bad ^^. At the moment i got 2 legs und 2 superepics out of 5 eggs. Lucky little kalde ^^

haha not bad

But too bad for the enemies

I managed to get three legendaries from this festival, but I did spend a decent amount of money (not hundreds though). I got Valorpup, Galliodrake, and Emeral. It’s about time too because all the other festivals/special eggs I got no legendaries!

At least I’ve now got thirteen legendaries including Atrahasis. I did roll several dupes though…

Emerald is the one I want


ignore this., i hate slow connection cause of Typhoon


Got my third legendary out of egg number 8. I should play lotto :confused:

Wtf lol 4 legend include chronox

I did not count chronox, but yes. :smiley: