Looking for clan on line

Can someone please let me in a clan :slight_smile:

You can join RAO. Until u meet the requirements to join RAF, RAO is still a chat, it just focuses more on helping newer players get better. :slight_smile:
Basically a smaller clan to join a clan lol

RAO is absolutely worth it. Unless you can already take on RAF players, we’re a community of eager novices under the training of RAF. PM me if you’re interested.

Unce Unce Unce lmao XD

Is he going straight to the inner sanctum?

RAF? No dont even know his legends or anything will join RAO first then will see whats up. Maybe he already meets requirements but PVP wise that most likely be up to yakuza not me :slight_smile:
Well see if he decides to join anyway.

Gotcha. I thought he had already won and was gonna be RAF. Was about to be peanut butter and jealous over here!