List of BM players

Gonna start with 3ie AKAGAMI

Kept stunning my last monster when he could’ve easily just killed it


I don’t know why people do that honestly.

Add me to this list :raising_hand_man:

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All DLGZ and AP spammers who honestly don’t know how to build other teams for pvp aside from AP spam


Lol yesterday I farmed 3iE akagami for free wins. I kept matching up against him and no matter what he did he couldn’t win

@Phoebe his team is actually a strategy but it’s totally BM

at least i don’t make fun of enemy when they only had 1 monster remaining
or use aliases name and doing bm as they like

when your lineup vulnerable with stun, yes you will be helpless
that is the beauty of neo mon, you can’t expect to counter everything in 1 team.
not until bastia…


Your team was pretty good tho :v

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KLF Jorge. It was last year but I do not forget. I got my revenge on him aswell later which is nice. I don’t know if he still bms people

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Same with asmat. I bm’ed the bm’er, let them have their own medicine


Idk if mastermarco is still bming but I heard from other people that he wastes hours of ppls time so we had a fun twenty minute game after I blew up his team.

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Are there no other proud BMers out there?

he still use that FL

Lol no surprise that akagami is a BMer when his leader is asmat

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I do it too but to people who have a lineup of s+ monsters ONLY. Idk if they understand what I try to convey by bming them - "Take that u meta slave bish "


That seems like a pointless crusade to me

Idk. I like it and I will do it .

But I don’t waste time any of forum users though .

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