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How do I get more monsters in my fighting lineup?
And also how do I substitute who I want in my lineup because some are not even getting any exp.


There are three ways to expand your line up: getting music scores, increasing your Hunter Rank, or buying new ocarinas.

Music scores are awarded by some quests, or you can gain one music score for every level of Infinite Dungeon you clear.

Hunter Ranks are risen by selecting “Rank test” at Deucalion Outposts. Those are the buildings with a winged sword icon. There are requirements for raising your rank, however, so if you don’t meet the requirements, a message should appear that will tell you what you have to do before you can take the rank test.

The highest Hunter Rank is “Grand Master.” After that, you can’t take any more Rank Tests.

Some ocarinas let you take more arkadions into battle. You can see how many an ocarina lets you take into battle by viewing the icon that has the arkadions in it.

As for substituting akradions, I’m not sure what you mean. Do you mean how to change who’s in it? If so, here:

Tap the blue circle with arkadions in it on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. You will be taken to your lineup, and if you are visiting there for the first time, a short guide will appear. It will help you.

If not, you can use the arrows at the top to navigate in your line up. The down arrow at the left makes all your line up arkadions go down to your bench, which is useful when you want to rearrange it. To remove an individual arkadion, locate it in your lineup and press the down arrow below its card. To add an individual arkadion (that replaces the card above it), locate the arkadion in your bench and press the up arrow.

If you mean they aren’t getting any exp, then maybe you are fighting an enemy whose level is too low for your party. It can also mean that your arkadions are not fighting. Only those who participate in a battle (against an enemy of similar level) will gain EXP.

I hope I helped; feel free to ask again if I misunderstood one of your questions! :slight_smile:

For future questions, you can try viewing this topic ( making a new topic. If that doesn’t help, you’re free to ask in chat or post a thread, as you did here. Thank you. ^^

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Wow thank you very much. I will try these methods

You’re very welcome! Have fun! :slight_smile:

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