Limited Anniversary Pack question


I purchased 3 limitted pack (anniversary event).

The first pack gave me 3 legendary .

The second 0.

The third 1.

I believed the odd for the third pack to get legendaries are 100 %

Am I wrong, or is it a bug ??   If it is 100% chances to get at least 1 single legendary, then it is not clear at all… (it is not written at least 1 legendary)

Thanks for your help

Only the last egg in the pack (10th) has the odds shown, not all of the eggs in the pack.

What does means if “the pack” (not the egg) has 50/60/100% chance to give you a leg? It means the total chance of opening 10 eggs should result in 1 leg 50/60/100% of the time. Easiest way to program this is make one egg be 50/60/100.

The odds are actually higher, as the first 9 eggs (like you experienced) can actually roll legs (it is also festival odds of 6.1% for each of the first 9), making the chances of rolling a leg quite higher than 50/60/100 in total. (100+ just means guaranteed 10th egg in pack is leg, with chance that first 9 may be at 6.1%).