Life flip?

Hi, i was playing HI and i encountered a S spooky and on my new file (still weak) i had extra space so long story short i caught and evolved him, and i was curious what life flip did, and all it did was kill my arks! (Well technically 1 health them) and i read discription but i didnt quite get it, so could someone explain it to me? Thanks in advance if you do

How odd… I would also like to know what this does…

It flips life.

If you have 1000/1000 then it turns it into 1/1000. If you have 100/1000 you get 900/1000. If you have 900/1000, you get 100/1000.

It inverts it by taking what you have left and subtracting it from the maximum HP you can have and giving you that result.

Thanks that makes sense, and thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile:

Then its just a suicide attack if ur hp is full :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty much yeah XD i learned the hard way

And here I thought life flip took the amount of damage you get and adds it to your health.

Then that move is amazing wow.

Not with spooker…when ninjagale is released then it will be awesome.

Is that a future om? And if so does it do a 3 way life flip? If so that would be awesome because i agree, spooker isnt that great

Yes, ad I believe it is a full team life flip…not 100% sure though.

Yup my meowzard polymorphed a ninja gale. Moves are great. Clone plus life flip :slight_smile:
Not sure if I’m allowed to say that but…

Clone had this glitch where it wrecked the game…best not use clone if polymorph summons it. Not sure if it was patched or not