Let's talk about Abyssraider

I remember back in 2017 when I lost a match in the Island Challenge he was featured in because of a Detox Blast of his, which left me scarred and deformed for life.

This is so sad, can I get 50’000 Pokédollars?


What do you think @keets ?

I think that @keets is gone


I think you should leave certain people alone when you’ve been asked to many times. Stop your harassment. It’s ridiculous that you need to be repeatedly asked not to tag certain people


What is there to talk about abyss?

Isn’t it strange Abyssraider is robotic type? I always thought it was a dude with a scuba armour but it’s actually a robot.

Always looked like a robot to me.

Yeah uh Abyssraider came back in a Dungeon Challenge. Apparently people say that it’s easily outclassed by Freezecobra

Which is true, Abyssraider needs huge effort to be viable after he broke up with Nereida