Curious if anyone plans on using him, I have a few ideas but it is hard to find a place for him.

Slap him in a poison frontline. Makes him quite a threat.

I don’t have almost any poison mons but if I did I would use him a lot.

I am trying out an extended poison/give turn/purify frontline. Aegis/Abyss/Additional Give Turner/And Poison Massacre monsters when I get it right I’ll update with screen shots.

Sounds interesting, I was thinking similar except stick him farther back with a give turner to deal with auto poisoners.

That seems extremely situational.

I have him with my team of poisoners and a purifier comes into play if so abyss isn’t poisoned I can purify and reset

Yeah, I would expect most people are going to run him with a poison team.

It’s worked pretty well so far, he’s not ultra evolved yet though so I’m waiting to see how survivor might pay off

Abyssraider is broken…A lot of times when the whole team of enemy monsters are being poisoned, it don’t even crits at all…And if 1 one the enemy monsters is not even poisoned, it won’t proc as well…Detox blast is broken…Hope the developers do something about it…

I think you misunderstood his ability

It is if abyssraider is poisoned. Not the enemy.

My mistake…zZzz

IMO he is pretty unusable right now, but if they ever make any addition monsters that also benefit from being poisoned then he could be very good. Even just 2-3 mons with detox blast would make poison gasing yourself not quite so dumb.

Indeed I’ve tried him a few different way with several strong poison mons, purifiers, and protectors, even some give turners, but wasting turns poisoning yourself is risky at best, and the pay off is that of a single legendary assisted strike with like 3 of the type. We aren’t even talking poison massacre damage, but roughly in the ballpark. Idk risk/reward just isn’t there, he wouldn’t hurt a poison team, but don’t build around him

Seems solid every time I’ve used it. Only things he hasn’t 1 hit are the legendaries in the new event today.

This one is used against auto poisons or poison teams.

Seems like a solid end pick to counter flarevern imo

I just used this line to be the super Challenge. He worked well in the team