Lets speculate

We will know in 2 days but let’s just speculate what we might get for xmas n new year based on elements… Does anyone have any educated guesses ?

The usual blitzdyr , saint feather are out of picture . That dark monster might be baublebasher . I’m out of guesses :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I think padrinorca is one of the storm monster since they just nerf it. They usually give good monster for festival so maybe one of light is angelion(hopefully)


But we had Angelion not very long ago

Baublebasher has been featured in a festival with Blitzdyr recently. So it should not be him.
Angelion/Tinkerclaus - Holy
Tortogeist - Dark (idk only one I can somehow connect to the theme)
Malwing/The Penguinator - Thunder (Malwing might be wishful thinking since I want one)


I’m guessing Bauble, Tinker & Vigi


Tinkerclaus is a very possible monster . Yep it’s him for sure

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Malwing has been featured with leira, so it’s out of the question

That was a special egg tough. If we look at special eggs, pretty much everything has been featured recently. Vigziarid would be amazing but the featured festival egg with him isn’t all that long ago.

I don’t rem when’s the last time vigi has been featured

I have more hopes for the new year ones, green stuff has always big potential to look great.

Jungleflipper coming B)


Which element is it ? Do we know it’s skills

Counter shock or defang I believe

Aw i see . Hope it has stun immunity


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Obsession is real :joy::joy:


does anyone have a screenshot of the reward’s they giving for login?

I could wait another day to look, but, I need 1 more legendary ticket for 12

I think we will meet the plant dolphin :smiley::ok_hand:

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It’s awesome that they are going back to having both festivals overlap with each other so we can choose which one to hatch. I think they will release dolphlariel and jungleflipper in the festival eggs. We also might see glaciaron being featured again as a way to counter the poison frontlines that became quite prevalent this month.


My predicton for Christmas is Dolphariel Vigziarid Runedragon and one of the 2 holly might be Angelion i have no clue of the other and for new year Jungleflipper Centaureon Glaciahorn Nauticrusier and the other no idea as well :sweat_smile: