Lesson learnt !


Where is the minus rep or dislike button?
I want to delete spatra !!!
But when I give it a thought, Utopia is just another bitter beast and exploding cat ball is meh… Who needs them anyways !!!


Your so lucky neo monster went for hatch and not catch because if you were implementing pokemon logic catch them all you have no penny in your pocket. Now that’s a good lesson to learn


Actually Im quiet happy for my super epics now…
It feels soooooooooooooo gooooood when those full legendary teams rage-disconnect… totally destroyed a front line with valza, gear, oak and volcavenus cos my sleep somehow landed on all 4 of em B4 they could move… charged up survivor n started killing spree… One more guy was trying to potent sleep my sleep immune :sunglasses::joy:Quiet the laugh…

PS now at 55k RP … earlier struggled for one win lol… :blush::blush::grin::grin:


Sorry, I didn’t want to brag… just pointing out that it’s just a matter of luck.

But if it makes you feel better: I once opened 18 packs on a special egg to get a specific monster. That was before the guaranteed hatch on every 6th egg. And I bought the gems for that without any special deal. That was about 1 1/2 years ago. Of course I didn’t hatch that monster. That was my lesson. I was incredibly dumb. Since then I mostly stopped paying for NM …

“Actually Im quiet happy for my super epics now…” I would love to have a limited PVP event again with only two legends allowed.


Wtf how many k did you spend lol


I don’t remeber… and I really don’t want to… :sweat:


1.5 years?? Then you deserve them man !


Buddy before getting a legend was really hard. I spent 1 year as a f2p player to earn my first legendary.


1 year ? That’s so much patience… These days newbies start playing with legendaries! :yum::yum:


Ouch! Do you at least remember the cursed monster you were trying to get? Tell me and I’ll voodoo curse it for you.


I think I was trying to hatch that bunny with an egg in it’s paws :thinking::thinking:
Wait! What’s a rabbit’s hands called ?:sweat_smile::neutral_face::neutral_face:


I believe paws


In my case it was Revanarchion. I wanted it sooooo bad. But well, I got it in the meanwhile on an festival… of course I wanted an other monster that time :joy:


Damit! So nothing will happen if @Saitama curse the Phoenix :smile::smile: