Lemon did you quit?

@LemonSqueezy have you quit neo when I see the my friend list I saw this


I’m sure he quit.

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Which one is lemon

The guy who created flaunt


No I asked which is lemon in the screenshot

There are no more than 20 rainbow lions in this game.lemon is one of them.



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What that mean again

He said there are not more than 20 people with the rainbow Angelion icon and Lemon is one of them

Hi guys

I did indeed quit. I realised the game wasn’t bringing me happiness anymore and every failed egg just brought my mood down.

I really enjoyed my time with the game. With the exception of rank 1 there wasn’t much left for me to achieve, especially as a F2P. Laxus kindly pointed out I had the rainbow emblem, I believe we were the joint second players ever to get it and I don’t know if any other F2P have it. So I stopped playing competitively a while back, as I didn’t have much to aim for, and I was getting bored of running the same old monsters.

I deleted the app, and tbh I haven’t really missed it.

I’ve met some awesome people here, not just in the ONE clan, but RISE, TNC, LDN, DLGZ, KLF, DMG and many more. Thanks for the awesome times! Also thanks to the guys in the discord chat for inviting me to their tournament. And to the Devs, who allowed me to make the Armageddon tournament happen, as well as flaunt (big lol). I like to think I’ve left my mark on the game and community, even if it’s just through helping players with their team building.

Never say never. One day maybe I’ll come back, but right now I don’t have any plans to.

Good luck to all of you out there! Thanks for the post! Someone check up on @Guesswhosback and @NMEGaryOak because reading this will break their hearts.

Also, congrats DonT on your engagement. x


This is the most twattish thing you’ve ever done @LemonSqueezy :cry:

Good luck lemon . This is how I felt when I “quit” few months back . Even now , I’m not that into the game , not doing any pve events and haven’t logged post pvp , not super serious about rated either . Cos there is no reliable way to obtain new monsters except whaling.

See u after few months !

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It makes me sad a player of your category who leaves!! But if you do not enjoy it, it does not make sense, but if you return you will be very well received =).
I hope we will see you again in a few months :blush:

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Farewell to you my friend. Until we meet again :slight_smile:

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