Legendary Ultra evolved skills

Finley got my first 2
Legendary ultra evolved

New skill “knock back”

New skill “knock back”

So beatiful <3


I also ultra-evolved angelon, I will put english skills in the usual thread for ultra evolution skills.

Reached my 3 legendary ultra evolution

Night lord
No new moves but very strong

Im waiting myself on restoring silver (100k atm) as well as getting one seapixie for my 2nd legendary, which is freeznix. Ill also wait for 1 more cost so I can add it without losing anything bigger than musharoo. then way in the future Talosquire will evolve.

I wish i was level 45

Don’t worry stay on it and you will I reached today level 66 138 team cost, takes time and hard work

Evolving Orcruiser to Warca actually make its a really powerful NeoMonster - Bloodthirst post a 400s Novablast is just mental!

I had thought Orcruiser was not a great Legendary but now building my entire team around it  :slight_smile:

His 400s novablast is insane, and he works fantastic with cryowyrm. He’s who I usually take with me on missions.

What silver key mission would give me thue highest online xp. Im on a rank 43 and I’m ready to ultraevolve my omegawyrm and cyberwrym


Omegamid while it’s still active and then the pyramids.