Animation glitches

They mean no farm i just find them cool . Only happens if u attack fast enough pretty sure not many experienced this

Look at rockoid on the bottom lmaoo he looks like he creeping up trynna get me but he already dead

Yep, noticed some too!

I find it funny lol … It’s not a big deal ,

My favourite is when you attack fast enough as they’re spawning and the animation kills them off screen. Hilarious seeing them enter from the side corner then drop off. Fairly certain you caught that in the second pic

Lmao yea i did , i find it too funny .


if i saw that on my screen i would cry

Lmaoooooo why ?

Lol i find these alot im not saying get rid of them, infact i want them to say there just funny lmao and why hate on rockoid? I mean hes not even close to my favorite ark but i have no, deeply personal issues with them

Look at that darn owl fluffing rockoid’s smirk.

It’s evil, I’m telling ya.

Wait let me guess, since its earth type it kills your beautiful birds like breezling?