Just how low is Yang's drop rate?

I’ve rolled hundreds of friend chests and still no Yang! What are the odds to get it? My brother got it on the first goddamn week after the update :joy:


Drop rate is 4% to obtain any monster.

Yeah man i think @Dev_VKC should make public the drop rates of the friend chest items so people have a better idea right now i have 6 Yangs and no sign of Yin yet

Yeah I’ve played daily for a year plus a second account for 32 days for a total of AT LEAST 1,990 chests. Trust me when I say that that many chest without either of the two 4% drops is impossibly unlikely

please Remove all epic monster on friend chest😜

I have 2 yin and a yang


Yin is rare lol

@ArcticTheHunter Emphasis on the “ANY”. Once you hit the 4% it’s a random monster from the total pool.

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Wait there’s Yin too? I don’t have that either :joy:


Lmao I‘ve never got it either! :joy:

Oh. I thought that there was a 4% chance to get each individual monster.

Kd how many legendary you have please tell me

Lol why are you asking everybody’s legend count


Hey man I am not asking everybody’s legend